Final Program

Linking genetic and environmental factors in chronic inflammatory diseases


Download the Final Program here.

Download the Abstracts here. 


Wednesday, 19 October


13.00              Registration

14.00              Session I: Functional genetics in selected IMD

15.30              Coffee Break

16.00              Opening Keynote Lecture

16.45              Session II: Speed Data Session

18.00              Evening Activity



Thursday, 20 October

09.00              Session III: Microbial factors in IMD

10.00              Coffee Break

10.30              Session IV: Epigenetics and IMD

12.00              Lunch Break

12.45              Symposium organized by Novartis: IL 17 and inflammation:

                       A skin, heart and bone story

14.15              Session V: Post-translational modifications and IMD

15.15              Coffee Break

16.00              Session VI: Immunometabolism and aberrant immune responses

17.30              Visit of the Musée Bemberg

19.30              Workshop Dinner (separate registration and payment)



Friday, 21 October

08.30              Session VII: From immunodeficiency to autoimmunity

10.00              Coffee Break 

10.30              Session VIII: The expanding world of cytokine/cytokine R blockade  

12.00              Short Break

12.15              Closing Keynote Lecture

13.00              Farewell Lunch