Masterclass program - 27-28 Nov


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Masterclass on Future Therapeutics in Immune-Mediated Diseases

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Tuesday, November 27


Session I: Looking back on 15 years of IL-17/Th17 research
Chairs: Renoud Marijnissen & Leonie Taams

14.00  Discovery of IL-17/IL-17 in RA: combining science and business

             Pierre Miossec, Lyon, France  

14.30  IL-17 in mice and man

            Erik Lubberts, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

15.00  (Non)pathogenic Th17 cells in autoimmunity

            Thomas Korn, Munich, Germany

15.30  Coffee Break


Session II: Differentiation and regulation of Th17 cells
Chair: Timothy Radstake

16.00  Distinct differentiation requirements and functional properties of microbe specific human Th17 cells

            Christina Zielinski, Berlin, Germany

16.30  Regulating pathogenic Th17 responses in humans  

            Leonie Taams, London, UK

17.00  IL-17 producing gamma delta T cells  

            Bruno Silva-Santos, Lisbon, Portugal

17.30  Canonical Wnt signaling negatively modulates Treg function:

         A novel paradigm for balancing toelerance and immunity?

            Paul Coffer, Utrecht, The Netherlands


Wednesday, November 28


Session III: Battling IMIDs, the therapeutic future
Chairs: Timothy Radstake / Leonie Taams

09.00  IL-23/Th17 axis in psoriasis

            Frank Nestle, London, UK

09.30  Resetting the immunostat

           Jaap van Laar, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

10.00  JAK/STAT inhibition in IMIDs 

           John O’Shea, Bethesda, USA

10.30  Coffee Break

11.00  The science of biosimilarity in immune mediated disease

           Brian Collins, Cambridge, MA, USA

11.30 Mesenchymal stem cells in immune mediated diseases

          Christian Jorgensen, Montpellier, France