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 Organized under the auspices of the COST ENTIRE Action

and the European FOCIS Centers of Excellence




Wednesday, 23 November

13.00 Registration
  Keynote Lectures
Chairs: Florence Apparailly and Christian Jorgensen
14.00 Keynote Lecture 1: 

Coeliac disease: The showcase of interaction between genes, environment and immunology in chronic tissue inflammation

  Ludvig M. Sollid, Oslo, Norwary
14.45 Keynote Lecture 2: Cytokine blockade in inflammation: Do we really know how it works? Special Lecture supported by Janssen Biologics
Georg Schett, Erlangen, Germany

Selected oral presentations (2)
Identification of robust and disease-specific stromal alterations in spondyloarthritis synovitis
Nataliya Yeremenko, Troy Noordenbos, Gemma Rigter, Juan Cañete, Paul Peter Tak, Dominique Baeten (The Netherlands & Spain)

Characterization of recent thymic emigrants (RTEs), transitional B and Th17 cells in multiple sclerosis
(MS) Aina Teniente-Serra et al (Spain)


 16.00  Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
  Session 1: Epigenetics of inflammation
Chairs: Leonie Taams and Jagadeesh Bayry
16.30 Epigenetic alterations in autoimmune disease
Esteban Ballestar, Barcelona, Spain
17.00 Development of Foxp3+ regulatory T cell: epigenetics and more....
Jochen Hühn, Braunsweich, Germany
17.30 Satellite symposium organized by Roche
Interleukin 6 and rheumatoid arthritis: From bench to clinic

Chair: Christian Jorgensen
  Rheumatoid arthritis patho-physiology: Roles of IL 6 and B lymphocytes
Xavier Mariette, Kremlin Bicêtre, France
  IL 6 inhibition as monotherapy or combination with MTX in MTX IR rheumatoid arthritis patients
Georg Schett, Erlangen, Germany
  Immunocytoscopy of RA patients after IL6 blockade
Christian Jorgensen, Montpellier, France
19.00 Welcome Reception

Thursday, 24 November


Session 2: Lessons from monogenic diseases
Chairs: Hermann Eibel and Isabelle Touitou

08.30 Omenn Syndrome: inflammation and autoimmunity
Anna Villa, Milano, Italy
09.00 IL-1 blockade in inherited fever syndromes - what have we learnt?
Helen Lachmann, London, UK
09.30 Selected Oral Presentations
  Reverse signalling of membrane TNF in human natural killer cells: A comparison of the effect of certolizumab pegol and other anti-TNF agents
Gianluca Fossati, Andrew M Nesbitt (UK)
  A rare polymorphism in Toll Like Receptor 2 is associated with systemic sclerosis phenotype and increases production of inflammatory mediators
Jasper CA Broen et al (The Netherlands)
10.00 Poster Tour 1 and Coffee Break
  Session 3: Immunosenescence and IMIDs
Chairs: Tim Radstake and Françoise Mascart
11.00 Biological ageing as contributory factor in disease
Paul Shiels, Glasgow, UK
11.30 Immune-mediated muscle wasting and cell survival - the tale of a curious gene
Jim Ross, Edinburg, UK
12.00 Selected Oral Presentations
  Immunosuppressive role of fibrinogen-like protein 2 (FGL2) in CD8+ regulatory T cells-mediated long-term graft survival
Séverine Bézie, Séverine Ménoret, Laurent Tesson, Xian-Liang Li, Claire Usal, Ignacio Anegon, Lise Caron (France)
  Role of CD5/CD5L interactions in the homeostasis of regulatory lymphocyte subpopulations and the control of autoimmune disorders
Rafael Fenutría et al (Spain)
12.30  Lunch
14.00 Satellite symposium organized by Pfizer
Immunogenicity and its clinical impact on biologicals
  TNF inhibitors and the impact of immunogenicity in clinical practice
Denis Mulleman, Tours, France
  Biosimilars and immunogenicity
Vera Brinks, Utrecht, The Netherlands
15.30  Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
  Session 4: Stress induces inflammation - autophagy and unfolded protein responses
Chairs: Dominique Baeten and Bing Thio
 16.30 Inhibiting proteasomes in SLE
Andreas Radbruch, Berlin, Germany
 17.00 NOD2 function in Crohn’s disease
Alison Simmons, Oxford, UK
  Session 5: B cells - not always the bad guys after all?
Chairs: Sophie Brouard and João Fonseca
 17.30 Regulation of early B cell tolerance checkpoints in humans
Eric Meffre, New Haven, USA
 18.00 Regulatory B cells: what have we learnt from studying SLE and rheumatoid arthritis patients?
Claudia Mauri, London, UK
 19.30  Workshop Dinner

Friday, 25 November

 09.00 Satellite symposium organized by MSD
Anti TNF-alpha treatments Optimization based on biomarkers in IBD & RA
  IBD: What is known? What are we looking for? What is really possible: Daily Management in 2011
Xavier Roblin & Stéphane Paul, Saint-Etienne, France
  RA: What is known? What are we looking for? What is really possible: Daily Management in 2011
Denis Mulleman, Tours, France 
 10.30 Poster Tour 2 and Coffee Break
  Session 6: How the microbiome shapes the immunotype
Chairs: Ola Winqvist and Thomas Giese
 11.30 Autoimmunity and microbiota
Alexander Chervonsky, Chicago, USA

Breakdown of antimicrobial host defense barrier as trigger of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases
Jan Wehkamp, Stuttgart, Germany

 12.30 Selected Oral Presentations
  The anti-microbial peptide rCRAMP is strongly upregulated during experimental arthritis in the rat Markus H Hoffmann, Martin Herrmann, Birgitta Agerberth, Rikard Holmdahl (Sweden, Germany)
  Antibiotics induced commensal flora disruption favours escherichia coli AIEC colonization and mesenteric translocation in NOD2 knock-out mice
Maryline Drouet, Cécile Vignal, Elisabeth Singer, Luc Dubreuil, Pierre Desreumaux, Christel Neut (France)
 13.00 Lunch
  Session 7: Cellular therapy moving into the clinics
Chairs: Florence Apparailly and Lars Rogge

Anti-inflammatory and immune modulatory properties of mesenchymal stromal cells
Willem E. Fibbe, Leiden, The Netherlands

 14.45 Keynote Lecture 3: Regulatory T cells for the control of physiological and pathological immune responses Shimon Sakaguchi, Kyoto, Japan
 15.15 Closing Remarks
Florence Apparailly and Christian Jorgensen