Program Outline EWIMID'09

The 4th European Workshop on Immune Mediated Inflammatory Diseases (IMID) to be held in Lisbon (Cascais), Portugal will use as a guideline the intrinsic biologic processes involved in recognition, signaling, effector function and regulation of innate and adaptive immunity and how these processes impact on the pathogenesis and outcome of IMID.
Scientific sessions are expected to include, in a balanced manner, recent advances on basic, translational and clinical research related to the understanding and potential therapeutic intervention on IMID.
Each session will include two keynote speakers covering basic, translational and/or clinical implications of the biologic process under each scientific session. Submitted abstracts will be selected in advance for oral presentations, to be included under each scientific session.

Wednesday, 18 November

14:00       Registration

14:30       Satellite Symposium 1
               Chairs: Martin van Hagen and Andrew Cope
               B targeted therapy in autoimmune inflammatory diseases
               Peter Taylor, London, UK
               Lecture sponsored by Roche

               Title to be confirmed
               Thierry Lequerré, Rouen, France
               Lecture sponsored by Centocor

               Optimisation of an antibody based approach to neutralizing IL-6
               Andrew Nesbitt, Slough, UK
               Lecture sponsored by UCB

Opening Session

Chairpersons: Dominique Baeten and Antonio Coutinho

16:00        Welcome address
                Miguel Soares / João Fonseca

16:10        Opening lecture
                Mihai G. Netea, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

17:00        Best abstracts

Constitutive expression of the costimulatory molecule CD70 by non-antigen specific B cells is sufficient to trigger T cell-driven autoimmune disease
Franco Salinas G., Cantaert T., Nolte M., Bettelli E., Kuchroo V.K., Tak P.P., Van Lier R.A., Baeten D.L.P. (The Netherlands & USA)

A gene-to-function analysis of the protective IL-23R R381Q gene variant reveals impaired Th17 response in humans

Di Meglio P., Di Cesare A., Laggner U., Chu C. C., Napolitano L., Peris K., Nestle F.O. (UK &  Italy)

The FAS -670A>G polymorphism influences the susceptibility to systemic sclerosis phenotypes
Broen J., Gourh P., Rueda B., Coenen M., Mayes M., Martin J., Arnett F.C., Radstake T.R.D.J. and ECSG (The Netherlands, USA & Spain)

18:00           Welcome reception

Thursday, 19 November

8:30          Biotech Symposium
                Chairs: Marie Rimbert and Miguel Soares

                Gene expression biomarkers of tolerance and rejection in transplantation.
                Joanna Ashton-Chess, Nantes, France
                Lecture sponsored by TCLand Expression

                Therapeutic effects of carbon monoxide-releasing molecules (CO-RMs)
                Roberto Motterlini, Genova, Italy
                Lecture sponsored by Alfama

9:30          Coffee Break and poster viewing

Session 1: Innate Immune Receptors (10:00-11:30)
Chairpersons: Thomas Giese and Georg Schett

10:00        Keynote I: Basic Concepts
                Caetano Reis e Sousa, London, UK

10:30        Keynote II: Translational and Clinical Implications
                Philippe Musette, Rouen, France

11:00        Selected abstracts

Mast cells contribute to synovial inflammation in non-psoriatic and psoriatic spondyloarthritis
Noordenbos T., Yeremenko N., Cantaert T., Teitsma C., van de Sande M., Tak P.P., Canete J., Baeten D.L.P. (The Netherlands & Spain)

Differential expression of CD5, CD21 and CD1D in peripheral B cells of healthy controls and spondyloarthritis patients

Cantaert T., Tiersma Y., Ambarus C.A., Paramarta J.E., De Rycke L.E., Tak P.P., Baeten D.L.P. (The Netherlands)

11:30           Coffee Break

Session 2: Adaptive immune receptors (12:00-13:30)
Chairpersons: Florence Apparailly and Timothy Radstake

12:00           Keynote III: Autoimmunity: Concepts
                   Juan Lafaille, New York, USA

12:30           Keynote IV: Autoimmunity: Clinical Perspective
                   Jonathan C.W. Edwards, London, UK

13:00           Selected abstracts

TNF blockade impairs T cell dependent antibody responses

Franco Salinas G., De Rycke L., Cantaert T., Remans P., van der Burg M., Barendregt B., Tak P.P., Baeten D.L.P. (The Netherlands)

Complete T- and B-cell receptor repertoire analysis in rheumatoid arthritis using massive parallel sequencing
Klarenbeek P.L., Doorenspleet M.E., van Schaik B.D.C., Herenius M.M., Jakobs M.E., Cantaert T., Baeten D.L.P., van Kampen A.H.C., Baas F., Tak P.P., de Vries N. (The Netherlands)

13:30-15.00     Lunch & poster viewing

Session 3: Signal transduction (15:00-16.30)
Chairpersons :Paulo Fontoura and Luis Moita

15:00        Keynote V: New targets
                Miguel Soares, Oeiras, Portugal

15:30        Keynote lecture VI: Therapeutic targeting of signal transduction
                Matthias Bähr, Göttingen, Germany

16:00        Selected abstracts (2x10 + 5 minutes)

Development of biliary fibrosis in Fra-1 transgenic mice
Kireva T., Erhardt A., Tiegs G., Aigner E., Datz C., Tilg H., Moschen A., Voll R.E., Distler J.H., Schett G., Zwerina J. (Germany & Austria)

The role of p38MAPKα in rapid progressive crescentic glomerulonephritis
Mueller R., Amann K., Heeringa P., Hugo C., Daniel C., Baum W., Schett G., Zwerina J. (Germany & The Netherlands)

16:30-18:00     Satellite Symposium by BMS
                      Chairs: José Antonio da Silva and João Fonseca

16:30               Welcome
                       José Antonio Pereira da Silva, Coimbra, Portugal

16:40               Abatacept and Costimulation Blockade
                       John Isaacs, Newcastle, UK

17:05               Clinical efficacy and safety of abatacept
                       Maxime Dougados, Paris, France

17:25               Discussion

17:50               Closing Remarks
                       João Fonseca, Lisboa, Portugal

18:00                Poster Viewing

19:00                Social Programme

Friday, 20 November

09:00       Satellite Symposium by Wyeth
               "Immunogenicity testing: how and why?"
               Chairs: Regis Josien and Pieter Stokkers

               Monoclonal Therapeuticals and Serologic Testing
               Steven O. Stapel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
               Clinical significance of antibodies to TNF-blocking agents

               Gert -Jan Wolbink, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

10:00       Coffee Break and poster viewing

Session 4: Effectors of Immune Mediated Inflammatory Diseases (10:30-12:00)
Chairpersons: Herman Eibel and Falk Nimmerjahn

10:30        Keynote VII: Basic concepts
                Estelle Bettelli, Harvard, USA

11:00        Keynote VIII: What have we achieved from the clinical perspective?
                Jeffrey Ravetch, New York, USA

11:30        Selected abstracts (2)

Anti-TNF prolongs cardiac allograft survival by blocking the induction of alloantibodies
Brouard S., Franco Salinas G., Jovanonic V., Moizant F., Tak P.P., Soulillou J.P., Baeten D.L.P. (France & The Netherlands)

Characterization and differentiation of human IL-22-producing CD4+ T cells

Coffre M., Placek K., Maiella S., Bianchi E., Rogge L. (France)

12:00-14:00 Lunch

Session 5: Regulation of Immune Mediated Inflammatory Diseases (14:00-15:00)
Chairpersons: Antonio Puccetti and Luis Graça

14:00        Keynote IX: What is new?
                Hergen Spits, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

14:30        Keynote lecture X: What are the treatment perspectives?
                John Isaacs, Newcastle, UK

15:00       Selected abstracts

Tregs: T cell regulators of bone
Zaiss M.M., Sarter K., Frey B., Hess A., Zwerina J., Nimmerjahn F., Engelke K., Kollias G., Douni E., Voll R., Burkhart M., Rauh M., Kroczek R.A., Ziegler S., Schett G., David J.P. (Germany, Greece, Switzerland & USA)

Decreased numbers of circulating dendritic cells and defective suppressive function of T regulatory cells in ANCA-associated vasculitis
Rimbert M., Hamidou M., Puechal X., Audrain M., Braudeau C., Teixeira L., Josien R. (France)

Closing Session
Chairperson: Rui Vitorino and Peter Taylor

15:30        Closing lecture
                Diane Mathis, Harvard, USA

16:15        Concluding remarks
                Miguel Soares / João Fonseca